The Liar Paradox

I will be moderating a talkback with playwright Kristin Idaszak after the reading of her play on November 17. The reading is produced by The Vagrancy in association with Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative. Sabina Ptasznik will direct.

The Liar Paradox
On New Year’s Eve, a catastrophic car accident leaves Mark’s twin sister in a coma and his girlfriend dead. When nude photographs of his sister surface on the internet, Mark goes in search of answers to what happened that night, and in the process is forced to confront her boyfriend, their father, and his own secrets. THE LIAR PARADOX explores the nature of death in the Information Age and the timelessness of love, loss and identity.

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Post-show discussion with Kristin Idaszak and Sabina Ptasznik. Photo by Michael Lopez.