Cort Brinkerhoff on New Play Exchange



A soldier who never got the chance to kill in war determines to slay a horse back home.
(tragedy, 2F / 2M)

The Nightmare Room

In 1954, as he feverishly works toward a biological breakthrough, Alan Turing hires a young assistant, Christopher, who may prove to be a lethal distraction.
(drama, 2M)

The Vermillion Hand

As her marriage falls apart, a juvenile caseworker finds herself confiding in a disturbed young arsonist and questioning everything she believes in.
(drama, 2F / 1M)

The Blue Hour

A clinical psychiatrist, searching desperately for her missing Colombian husband, crosses professional boundaries with her alien-obsessed patient, when presented with startling revelations from her eccentric family.
(comedy, 2F / 3M)