Lunar   (comedy, 1F 2M)

The Goddess of Voltar wants to keep her followers in the desert, but Guru is determined to lead them all home after two years in isolation awaiting the alien cleansing. When Frank, a simple follower, comes into the cave looking for water, Goddess hatches a new plan.

Neurosis   (comedy, 3M)

David is having trouble with his husband, Alex, tearing up the floorboards and refusing to wear pants. They go to see Dr. Proctor, an intern with a PhD in Mental Relaxation, who engages them in what he likes to call “combat therapy.” As the gloves come off, David must confront the scared little boy inside Alex.

Cort’s Play   (comedy, 1F 2M)

A writer named Cort is writing a play about a writer named Cort writing a play about a craigslist missed connection, but he doesn’t have an ending and he needs his lead actor and the girl that got away to help him finish.

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